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Guurahk36 viewsSet # 8590
Guurahk is a skilled planner and intelligent. He would spend hours observing an enemy's weaknesses and powers before striking. He holds the Staff of Disintegration.
Lerahk38 viewsSet # 8589
Lerahk is the Master of Poison. Although not a cunning planner, Lerahk more than made up for what he lacked in intelligence with sheer power. The tip of his staff could poison anything - plants, animals, soil, or any foe he might choose. But the staff has to be in physical contact with the target
The Rahkshi19 viewsTheir my fav group of villains in the bionicle series. At first the were slugs, but when put into Armor and deadly staffs, their badass. Yet I like the Red, Blue and Green ones better.
Turahk36 viewsSet# 8592
Turahk is the Rahkshi of Fear. Using his staff, Turahk could induce anything from slight unease to sheer terror in his foes. A being struck by the blast would either run away in panic or remain rooted to the spot in sheer terror.
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