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Raikou HGSS sprite154 views
Baby Raikou48 viewsA baby raikou with Zigzagoon as the body.
Entei & Raikou LEGEND122 viewsEntei & Raikou LEGEND 140 HP
63-64 of 80

You need both Entei & Raikou LEGEND cards in order to play. Once you have both cards, place both on your Bench

Detonation Swirl
Discard all Fire Energy attached to Entei & Raikou Legend 90

Thunder Fall
Discard all Energy attached to Entei & Raikou Legend and do 80 damage to each Pokémon with a PokéPower. Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for this attack

Weakness Water Fighting x2
Resistance None
Retreat Cost None
Jukio the Raikou- UNDER THE HAIR REVEALED118 viewsAs we all know, our fluffy French/American/Japanese Raikou transpecies has very few resemblence of the pokemon, Raikou. What we now know is.... ITS UNDER THE HAIR!!
Raikou15 views
piccy 2.JPG
Jukio the Raikou119 viewsJukio Tanobakki- Raikou anthro, and son of Lt. Surge. Jukio is 1/3 American, 1/3 French and 1/3 Japanese. He is extremly flirtious with the opposite sex.
Raibe121 viewsBaby Version of Raikou.
Made by Draganera.
Please give Credit if Used.

Omfg it¬īs so cute! *o*
raicurostank693 views
Raikou & Suicune LEGEND68 viewsRaikou & Suicune LEGEND 160 HP
67-68 of 80

You need both Raikou & Suicune LEGEND cards in order to play. Once you have both cards, place both on your Bench.

:Electric: :Electric: :Colorless: Lightning Spear
Raikou & Suicune Legend does 50 damage to itself. Don't apply Weakness for this attack. 150

:Water: :Colorless: :Colorless: Aurora Gain
Restore 50HP to Raikou & Suicune Legend

Weakness x2 Resistance None Retreat Cost :Colorless:
Riders of the Beast39 viewsJosh: rider of Raikou
Ace: rider of Entei
Aravan: rider of Suicune
Ein and his Love-struck Raikou, Serenity175 viewsPoor Ein... How he deals with Serenity (in her Raikou form at the moment) is beyond me.
Risa-chan99 viewsShe is the actual Raikou from another manga of mine (RisaXEin)
Ein made a potion so he could have his Raikou speak English- I mean-Japanese
As you can see, things didnt quite turn out right.
Every time you rub the dots on her head, she transforms.
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