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Elekid Recoloration.PNG
Elekid Recoloration138 viewsA purple Elekid
Manyula Recoloration.PNG
Manyula Recoloration162 viewsRecolored Manyula.
Recoloration Tropius.jpg
Recolorated Tropius113 viewsThis Tropius is abnormal.
Recolored Combusgrotompmander.JPG
Combusgrotompmander142 viewsA recolored mix of the 2nd evolution of the Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald starters + Charmander
Torkoal flip.jpg
Torkoal Recoloration111 viewsThis is a recolorated Torkoal.
Treecko family recoloration.jpg
Treecko Faily Recoloration111 viewsThis is the treecko family recolorated.
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