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Seven incredible albino animals in world271 viewsIsn't it amazing how the Creator fashioned His creation.
1. Axolotl
2. Hedgehog
3. Koala
4. Sea turtle
5. Cobra
6. Bat
7. Lobster
Akira Remembered140 viewswe'll miss you.
amy red and black.JPG
Red and black actually67 viewsNot from CD3 this is amy as seen in red in black. (my psyguy fanart)
What the F*ck is this?!282 viewsDo you think its funny to watvh innocent people like ash getting torchered or tied up against their will.I SAY IT SUCKS!!!!!!

F * c k Broly
and screw you Flannery haters like ShadowX991 and D_mitzon
LukeAtmey's redemption47 viewsLuke has decided to stop being an albion wannabe, accept the fact the Shin Goji destroyed DiD, and he's found love.
Crimson Red Tears64 viewsI felt like drawing this... -literally felt. Pretty much I hate myself. *and all of PPN cheers* whatever...
Box Art Of fire Red1179 viewsBox art of fire red
predator invisable80 viewscan you see it?
What kids commented about Yoshi vs Torso177 views
Adventures of the lake fairys commercial 2103 viewsI got the idea after seeing that black + white pic.
Ergentop Redone76 viewsRemember that horrible mutation of suicune machamp tentacruel metagross and ledian? Well i do, and strangely enough i decided to "redo" alot of my older mods just to see how much "mad skillz" i have. Also it could be considered a revamp.
Flannery78 viewshow does her hair stay that way?
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