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Jukio the Raikou- UNDER THE HAIR REVEALED118 viewsAs we all know, our fluffy French/American/Japanese Raikou transpecies has very few resemblence of the pokemon, Raikou. What we now know is.... ITS UNDER THE HAIR!!
Z revealed85 viewsJudgement has been passed, the series is going to continue. :(
Pokemon Black and White Mascots Revealed162 viewsThe official Japanese Pokemon website and Pokemon.com simultaneously revealed the Legendary mascots of Pokemon Black and White: they are to be named Reshiram (Left) (レシラム) and Zekrom (Right) (ゼクロム) for both the English and Japanese games. Reshiram’s name comes from “shiro,” which means “white” in Japanese, whereas Zekrom’s comes from “kuro,” which means “black.” Contrary to their color schemes, Reshiram is Pokemon Black’s mascot while Zekrom is White’s, as you can see on the official Nintendo DS box art below. According to the Japanese website, “Reshiram, with a pure-white body, will be in Pocket Monsters Black, while Zekrom, with a lacquer-black body, will appear in Pocket Monsters White. Each of them are Legendary Pokemon that have a big connection to the history of the Isshu region and hold the important key to the story.” The games will hit store shelves in September for Japan whereas Americans will see their release sometime in Spring 2011. Both Pokemon are such awesome-lookin’ legendaries - they kind of look like angels! Their designs are far more detailed than any previous Legendaries - check out those tails!
Legendary Godzilla Revealed100 viewsLooks just like the Big G from the footage.
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