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what Bindi said about her daddy69 viewsn00b's words touch me.so I put this up to honor Steve in gods kingdom.These are the words Bindi Irwin said:

My daddy was my hero – he was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things, but most of all he was fun.
I know that Daddy had an important job. He was working to change the world so everyone would love wildlife like he did. He built a hospital to help animals and he bought lots of land to give animals a safe place to live.
Chris and Friends "update"51 viewsBy now since when i drew this, this picture is horribly OUT-DATED. For example, the 2 months ago when i made this, i was into the idea of having evil Chris wear boots. Well since i was half asleep while drawing that evil Chris now looks like he's wearing gay tightened pants. Other than that, a whole new array of characters have been added to my "show" plus a freewebs site. so be sure to check out:
DaveChappelle22 viewsactully Daves imatation of Rick James does D-Mizton (like in Fck yo Couch and CHARLIE MURPHY)
The Eclipse: the Emperor's Tricked-Out Flight17 viewsMy late hero, Emperor Palpatine (perhaps his clone), used to own it, but someday, it shall be mine...
YIKES!58 viewsgroudons trick or treating
patrick a pimp.JPG
Patrick Is A Pimp82 viewsThe title says it all.
Patrick is a pimp77 viewsI fixed this.
"*laughs loudly* " CharizardMaster
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