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Clue 3.JPG
new sith clue number332 viewsGoji:while I search for clues at the bar,I spoted a few hairs of Sama.So is sama a boy or girl?
Clue 3~0.JPG
New sith clue number328 viewsGoji:At the bar I found a clue.Darth sama has long hair,and its green.So sama is a boy or girl because we wouldnt expect a girl sith.
Crime suspects.JPG
unscrambling Abayu-b34 viewsGoji:Since clue#1,I saw Samas master Abayu-b's name was scrambled.It toke me hours to solve it,if you know who it is.send PPN a photo of Abayu-b founded out.
63 viewsGoji:When I saw Haku alive.I was touched.Can he help me so we can kill yubaba.So if she's really Abayu-b.The Zeniba is Zeniba. Of course!!!So this batlle is almost over.
Goji and Sama fight tommorow77 viewsGoji:I just saw darth sama with my own eyes.And told me to fight tommorow.So I hope I live.
Goji versus Kohaku River;end (or not)50 viewsGoji:So I went hyper on Kohaku River, then Pow Bite Slash Kick chomp whip!but I got hurt baddly,but thanks to regenerator G1,I heal.Then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader,So FISTDRA!But I think I murdered Haku.Then someone said hey you,I hope that person not his dad or Yubaba.
GXKR pt1~0.JPG
Goji versus Kohaku River end(or not)71 viewsGoji:My last battle was between me and a dragon.POW!!!BITE!!!SLASH!!!KICK!!!CHOMP!!!WHIP!!!But I got hurt.then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader.Fistdra!!!I think I killed him.Someone yelled HEY YOU!.I hope its not who I think it is.
Goji versus Kohaku River37 viewsGoji:The battle continues.With the Kohaku river spirit!Can't use my lightsaber,I can cut him to ribs.Instead I'll go hyper.
GXS fight 3.JPG
Goji versus Sama pt369 viewsGoji:While the battle between Haku,I told him I'll stop the sith line.The lightning came in.But when Sama was about to attack,I gave him an unforgetable lesson.But he survived and became a dragon.It's Revenge of the sith!
GXS fight1.JPG
Goji versus Sama pt158 viewsGoji:While faught Sama,I knew there was good in him.
GXS fight2.JPG
Goji versus Sama pt254 viewsGoji:While I fought Haku.I told him what could've happen if the events were change in the past.I think it's all Chihiros fault.
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