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Mr.lolz sets things straight54 viewsTo F29 and his friend CharizardMaster,
Hello gentlemen it is I Mr.lolz, here with something to tell you. I have a two part message to say for both of you, but first this whole time I was acting like this because I was trolling here after I heard about the whole Flannery DID thing on our board. I decided to check it out and saw it and I laughed my a** off. You guys are sad you know that. The fact that you think you can win an argument with pictures and comics and stupid comments saying that you beat that person up yadayadayadadyada. That’s not how you win an argument you use logic. Also if you don’t like D-mitzons, Shadow’s, or Merinthos pics. Two words IGNORE THEM!!!!!!!! Its that simple. I acted like Mr.lolz to see if you would react like I thought you would and it worked how predictable. By the way F29 I knew you were cell from the very beginning it wasn’t that hard to figure out actually especially on your youtube page. But here are my messages for you:

F29: You had the right idea to ignore at first and should have kept that up but when you made those comics and crap you had my engaged and laughing. I enjoyed every moment of it. Also there was no war in PPN it was just some idiotic kid by name of Broly who kept uploading pics without consent of the artist who made them. He was probably a troll to but I can’t be sure. The war you mentioned was none other then your idiotic cut and paste comics that you made and claimed it to be real. My the logic you pocess. I you say I’m stupid. PPNsteve could have removed all those pics if he wanted to but alas he is to busy for this little gallery that hardly anyone cares about anymore. By the way the way you acted towards the artists who made the pics shows that you are a Flannery Fanboy who jacks off everytime you see a picture of her. She a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!! She has no feelings, no thoughts, no tangibility, only if her creators want her to. By the way theres no way your 28 your probably a teen or pre-teen by the way you act. You have no respect towards other people’s opinion and think your word is law. What a joke.
Also, stop using phrases like “O rly” and think your all cool on the Internetz.

CharizardMaster: The so called Hero of justice, whos just as delusional as F29. Dude get a girl friend all the girls in the animes are fake and not real. Your 18, right so go out and get a F*cking Girlfriend, a real girlfriend. Also I find that it strange you hate DID and love hentai and ecchi. Wow which means you want to all the girls F29 brought you eh. Tsktsktsk. Its dreadfully sad and don’t deny it. Its in your favorites on Youtube you have atleast 3 videos favorited. Your probably trying to remove them as we speak. Oh by the way I’m charizardmasterox on Youtube. Spamming you guys page. Lol.

Anyway your probably reading this and ignoring all I’ve said and probably saying “No your wrong! Burn in Hell!!!!” If you do that just prove my points. Now I will say a couple things to Deus and PixelWizz. Deus sorry for bashing you, you friends with these guys and I thought you would be the same as them but I was wrong, you are a fine artist and no how to be reasonable that’s why people like you. As for PixelWizz you haven’t done anything wrong as of now so I can’t say anything except try to be like Deus and all the other smart people out there you will have more friends that way. As of now I will won’t be uploading anymore for a while but I will upload a Manip now and again to see if these two learn their lesson. With lolz
Sonic sez S-h-i-t OH NO!107 viewsthat infamous episode where Sonic actually utters a swear word in English (only in the Japanese version of Sonic X). Gives me a tingly feeling inside everytime I hear it... :3

This is my Japanese episode I have on my computer right now, and probably will never delete... anyway, also have a nice look at my desktop while your at it.
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