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Mount Darthmore55 viewsA Mt. Rushmore parody, replacing the US Presidents with Sith Lords. Cool, huh?
GXS fight 3.JPG
Goji versus Sama pt369 viewsGoji:While the battle between Haku,I told him I'll stop the sith line.The lightning came in.But when Sama was about to attack,I gave him an unforgetable lesson.But he survived and became a dragon.It's Revenge of the sith!
Remind goji.JPG
Goji's Reminder25 viewsGoji:This is a reminder of my thoughts of the sith.If someones mad and the eyes turn yellow,Your a sith.So look out for Sama mad.
New Sith Clue #266 viewsI went to get a beer but the bartender was dead.His son told me the story.After that,I knew Darth sama was a kid,12.
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