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Anakin Skywalker.JPG
Anakin Skywalker--Yugioh223 viewsnice, huh?

A Dragons Draco Meteor51 viewsDraco Meteor
"りゅうせいぐん" meaning Dragon Meteor Shower

Comets are summoned down from the sky. The attack's recoil sharply reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat.

The games version was self explaining, but the anime had methods not like that. And it caused controversy with the 12th movie (not my version of it).

I chose Dratini to be the performer because ANY dragon type can learn Draco Meteor (only at high friendship).

At first, the dragon shines an aura of its dominant color. The dragon gives out its cry along with a ferocious dragon roar. Then meteorites (NOT BALLS OF ENERGY) fall from the heavens to strike the foe.
Messing with GIMP 2403 viewsBoth The Prayer and Love Will Find a Way played in the head while making this.

Please enjoy =D
Pic is mine.
Mew of the sky.JPG
Mew of the sky148 viewsFlying mew all though mew can float this mew is really swift.- Mew lover
Husky Puppy28 viewsI've always wanted a husky with beautiful fur and two different color eyes but I live in a small house and our management won't allow us to keep big dogs. So instead I have two medium-sized dogs; one a purebred American Eskimo and the other, a mutt.
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