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Alternate Sonic + Eggman111 viewsnow kids, tell me all the differences between regular Sonic and his alternative-verse, Blaze, and you get a cookie!

If you find the alternative-verse Eggman, I'll give you 2 cookies! Cheers!
Sonic Snake Eye73 viewsThe logo from my game, Sonic Snake Eye.
Sonic Battle192 viewsDoes anyone like Sonic Battle?
3D fan.JPG
3D fan182 viewsfrom a quiz. -mewlover
Sonic VS Blaze227 viewsSonic VS Blaze. Drawn by Mana from teamartail.com
amy express.PNG
the sonic express XD44 viewsthis is what i use for my profile background on www.youtube.com where i make my dubs. It's a fun pic so i uploaded it here too. X3
another yamikari edit.JPG
Yamikari Edit of an edit O.O (sonic style)51 viewsyin yang background
Arc 001.JPG
Super sonic99 views
Latidog sonic style (new type)58 viewsI did this pic for Hao girl/Latidog and in my opinion its better than my own picture. ><;
bad dentist.JPG
Bad Dentist36 viewsTake a good look.
badnikgum 2.JPG
The Caterkiller51 viewsA screenshot from a movie we made. Sonic: crazy beetle. - Mew lover
BeRsErK sHaDoW72 viewsSorry for the shadow pics overload, but this is the first drawing I've mine I've tried to upload. ^^;
Drawn with 9.0 HB pencil, which took FOREVER to shade. x__X

Link to a better pic in my deviantart:

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