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Sorry from *fire_bush*62 viewsSorry to all the advanceshippers for my really stupid temper - even I hate myself for that! Anyway, I'm so sorry for being angry about advanceshipping, it isn't as bad as I said. So, do you guys forgive me? I'm also sorry I couldn't log in, it was the Human Confirmation. In the future I will upload pictures of all couples to try and keep everyone happy. I am SO SORRY!!! From your friend, *fire_bush* x
I'm sorry84 viewsF29: Everyone, if your still on since June 2006, I have something to say.... I thought of what Devil said, he was right, it was my fault that the old users are gone. To make it right, PPNsteve you better get this!!! I want you to take down those Pictures of Shin-Goji fighting Haku as a sith lord, I REGRET IT NOW!!!! And I am very sorry.
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