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Super Smash Bros (Software Edition)!!!63 viewsThis is what I called "Super Smash Bros"
Lugia=Microsoft Silverlight
Ho-oh=Sun Java
Dialga=Time Machine(Mac OS X Leopard)
Palkia=Spaces(Mac OS X Leopard)
PPNs Kaiju against LukeAtmey60 viewsShin: If you want to rule PPN, you'll have to face my powerful kaiju.
Ch. 2 Spacey Love14 viewsOkay here's ch 2. I was going to make it so Shipper liked Kevin, but i didn't so...heh.
Danny is Amber's older brother and he is training to become a pokemon doctor^^
Ch. 3 Spacey Love18 viewsSanta Clause!
ch. 4 Sapcey Love12 views...okay again i was going to make the conversation between Kevin and Shipper more romantic, but i decided not to. And the postion at the end will be important in another fanfic i'm writing^^
Ch. 5 Spacey Love14 viewsOkay this is like...pg-13 and R rated writing so i suggest that if you don't like graphic things don't read it^^ To recap if you aren't reading it Kevin sexually abuses Amber and Ital beats the crap out of him^^
Ch. 6 Spacey Love21 viewsLast chapter. For this...
What happened to Misty when Hojo saved Duplica and left her in the hyrule castle81 views
Battle againts Tyrannt Part2114 viewsSpace-hoji,Marius,Spidersenses,Murugu, Phantom_Kansaibou,Anon,Boltia,And Shin-Goji Use there Powers to Bring down tyrannt.Hes ran off crying for his Mommy.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
After the battle with tyrannt161 viewsWe celebrated,But I Had unfinished buisness
Spacey Love Ch. 124 viewsprobably should have waited to upload this, but oh well...
Space-Hojo21 viewsThe Ghost Writer. Space Hojo is Shin-Goji's long suffering roomate. A true soul brother, he'd much rather listen to some Led Zepplin or Steely Dan than torture his delicate ears with the crap spewn out over the radio, especially rap and pop. Space Hojo contributes heavily to the development of Twisted Kaiju Theater
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