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Sprites123 viewsnote: these are fake
Sprites117 views
Charizard sprites286 viewsI would have uploaded these sooner but my computer had memory problems and kept freezing up on me. I did these for a game called MUGEN (look it up i'm not going to bother telling you...) I wasn't done with this but thanks to my computer it's done now.. hope you all enjoy and give credit to me and Nintendo and the Pokemon company if used. Thanx!!!
Darkrai sprites137 viewsDarkrai sprites made by Mel ^^
Covenent_Zero preview sprite41 viewshere is a preview for my sprite of Covenent_Zero:
he is 5 times stronger than any human. and can carry any Covenent weapon, He also can turn invisible with his stealth suit.
Dawn/Hikari sprites80 viewsMan... It took me 6 full hours to make these...I made these because Dawn is my favorite charracter in pokemon thats all... anyway the walking phases aren't to good. But I'm not good at making chracters that are not my own so yeah.....I may update this sheet later....and make more..... Dawn/Hikari/Pearl is copyright of Nintendo and the Pokemon company... Please give credit to me and said companies if used... thanks
DeusEXmachyna-wings sprites36 viewsThis Deus's flight/Phantomic wings form sprites if you saw Oban Star-racers you would understand where I got the from. (I did not rip off Spirit!!!) but ya enjoy and remember don't steal my work and claim as your own...Thanx!!!!
Dr. Mario sprites134 viewsF29 I thought since Dr. mrio didn't have a sprite sheet I find one and I did! these are awesome but I didn't make and don't know who did.
eevee sprites1073 viewsPokemon Mystery Dungeon sprites for my favorite, EEVEE! Mine is named Sapphire in this game.
Electrite!99 viewsA sprite I made.
Evalualts67 viewsThe simpliest sprite ever. Took me 1.3 minutes.
Lugia sprites148 viewsSprites of Lugia made by JoshR_691 ^^
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