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=w=131 viewsKonata X Kagami?
=w=61 views=w=
The Death Star24 viewsThe Death Star: the Galactic Empire's most prized battle station, a stormtrooper's most boring assignment tool, and the Emperor's favorite toy.
5th Gen Starter Pokémon126 viewsDuring the Pokémon Sunday episode of May 9th 2010, the silhouettes of the three Starter Pokémon of Black and White were revealed. These silhouettes are to be uncovered during CoroCoro's June edition due May 15th 2010 and Pokémon Sunday's episode airing May 16th 2010.
5th gen. starters REVEALED!141 viewsThe Grass Starter, Tsutaja (ツタージャ) is the Grass Snake Pokémon
The Fire Starter, Pokabu (ポカブ)is the Fire Pig Pokémon
The Water Starter, Mijumaru (ミジュマル) is the Sea Otter Pokémon
Anakin Skywalker.JPG
Anakin Skywalker--Yugioh223 viewsnice, huh?

Hachi29 viewsName: Hachi
Country: Orange Star

Hachi is a unique commanding officer. His experience as a merchant allows him to purchase additional units for his army at a lowered cost. His CO powers complement this ability.

CO Power: Barter- Hachi's relentless bartering results in the price for purchasing units being cut in half.

Super CO Power: Merchant Union- In addition to cutting the costs of additional units in half, Hachi arranges for ground units to spawn from cities under his control.
Jake39 viewsName: Jake
Country: Orange Star

A hip, edgy youth from Orange Star. He speaks in a hip lingo that frequently annoys everyone around him. His units are trained to fight well in open areas. It is believed that he and Rachel are in a relationship.

CO Power: Break Down- Indirect vehicles are able to move farther under this command, in addition to a bigger boost to his troops.

Super CO Power: Block Rock- Jake orders all vehicles to move on the double.
Rachel27 viewsName: Rachel
Country: Orange Star

A commanding officer of Orange Star and younger sister to Nell, Rachel is highly spirited and enthusiastic. All units under her command are effected by her spirit and will repair themselves slightly very frequently. Her CO power to seems to based on Nell's.

CO Power: Lucky Lass- All troops under Rachel's command become stronger and have a chance to hit much harder than they should be able to.

Super CO Power: Covering Fire- Rachel fires three missiles that randomly target different enemy units.
Last formed startes of evils59 viewsVenasaur:Grass/Fire


shiny starter pokemon diamond/pearl125 views
Bluestar from Warriors31 viewsShe may be small, but she was Thunder Clan's former leader. She is mother to Mistyfoot even though Leaders are not allowed to have kits. She had to give them away to her mate, Oakheart, and send them to River Clan. Oakheart was from River Clan, but Tigerclaw(a brutal Thunder Clan warrior obssesed with power) killed him. Bluestar died when Tigerstar(Tigerclaw made leader when he switched into ShadowClan) killed her with a pack of wild dogs.
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