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Latidog sonic style (new type)58 viewsI did this pic for Hao girl/Latidog and in my opinion its better than my own picture. ><;
New Style49 viewsI wanted a new style, and wen I choosed to start bringing back old creations of mine, I thought I could use a little makeover myself.
As you see, Iļæ½ve got a haircut, changed hair color, and is now wearing black and white costume.

ShuuXHaruka ~ Japanese Style43 viewsI hate Advanceshipping! Drew and May is SO much better X3

I love Shuuka (Contestshipping) and NOTHING will EVER make me change my mind.

Cute kimonos, aren't they??

Picture posted by Chiru
Metaknight (SSBB style)100 viewsyes sorry it took so long guys.... I been working on a preview of the NinjamanZ game and ohter flash stuff so you'll have to be paitent for the next charcater Its hard being both DeusExmachyna: MUGEN junkie and BattleDragon Gargonis...... so please bu paitent these things take time... Also I don't own Metaknight Nintendo and Hal. do.
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