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Shadow the Samurai180 viewsShadow the hedgehog with a kick ass sword!
Swordsgirl18 viewsShe holds up a sword...
Adventures of the Regi Trio - New Regis36 viewshttps://www.deviantart.com/kasaibou/art/Adventures-of-the-Regi-Trio-New-Regis-871450100
Well, this is awkward. In Gen III, we were introduced to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel which fans called the Regi trio. In Gen IV, we were introduced to Regigigas, the "Trio Master" of the Regis as well as their creator. In Gen VIII, Nintendo introduces us to Regidrago and Regieleki, so Regigigas must have created them too. But hey, a probable theory is that the Regis represent historic ages:
Regirock - Stone Age
Regice - Ice Age
Registeel - Iron Age
Regidrago - Medieval Age
Regieleki - Modern Age
That makes some sense.

Inspired by Haritsuki, creator of Adventures of the Regi Trio / Regimania
Nero Vs Berial ( with sworn through sword lyrics)32 viewsDraw your blade
Shall mark this day
You shall pay
When sworn through swords

My chaos sphere
It rules right here
This is more than war
Bow down or draw your sword

You think you’ve mastered pain
There are no rules in this game
Cast your ritual taunt
Right before the blood lust hunt

I’ll singe the soul, as I burn all
Turning the flesh to soot as I kill them all
Master the blade, it’s what you strive for
The bait, the lure
We’re sworn through swords

[Give into me] Draw your blade
[Heresy] Shall mark this day
[Brutality] You shall pay
[Face your fears] When sworn through swords

The more you give, the more I maim
You are spirit, and I am bane
Your truth strikes through, as steel guides true
It’s enough for pride, but not enough to survive
My Sword43 viewsThis sword was crafted 1,000 years ago and tells a great tale. Who posses this achieves great power.
Ryu Hayabusa with 2 swords19 viewscount them..not one but two katana...Double the awesomeness...nuff said...Peace...
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