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coulormander516 viewsfirey colouful flying thing
Tails65 views
The maddness48 viewsWUZAAAAP!
34 views-wdg
hey! you!.JPG
lookit!39 viewsXD
jynx help.png
Cooking Huntail---Thrown fridge155 views"You don't get out of the fridge, I throw your fridege into the pool! Then you got eaten up by Huntails!
Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light Details60 views * Firstly, we have two attacks of the Deoxys obtained from the special Deoxys mission; Comet Punch for Attack Deoxys & Detect for Defense Deoxys. If you clear the mission with less than 5 minutes to spare, you will receive the Attack Deoxys
* It has also confirmed several other missions including one where you obtain the Manaphy Egg, a special one where you have the capture a Sky Forme Shaymin and a Heatran mission. The Heatran mission will allow you to send Heatran over to HeartGold/SoulSilver with the Heatran knowing the special move; Eruption
* The Deoxys & Manaphy missions are to run from March 6th to May 17th while the Heatran and Shaymin missions are to run from March 18th to May 17th.
* There is a character called Banema. She will help customise your Capture Styler and help you acquire brand new Ranger Signs.
* It also confirms that there are many flying parts of the game where you have to control the Pokémon, avoiding obstacles.
Pokemon Prisoners Page 3 (end)557 viewsF29: I went to Super Tails Heroes site and found this, he says that he didn't put this on DeviantArt because his fans would hate him. Its quite funny though.
Shuitail18 viewsThis is sprite of Suicune and Ninetails. I don't quite like how it came out.

Oh well. Enjoy.

EDIT: Forgot to say that I'm taking requests now. If you only have two pokemon that you want me to sprite mod, just give the the names. If you already have an idea, but can't make it yourself, you'll have to explain very thoroughly for me to get it right. Yeah!
Shuitail36 viewsOriginal Upload:

Sonic and Tails.JPG
Sonic and Tails76 viewsI was practicing again.-Mew lover
Tails :D39 viewsA pic for all the tails fans :D - Mew lover
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