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Taniko the Entei transpecies143 viewsTaniko Hobokki is the 19 year old son of Blaine. He totally despises women and is one of Jukio's best friends. He is very rash but extremely strong.
He enjoys fighting and he plans to overthrow and take over Team Magma. He is highly energetic, unlike his Entei, which is extremely lazy.
His worst enemy is Dakim.
The Ecruteak Trio.JPG
The Ecuteak trio244 viewsHere are my main character of my manga im making
Kitori the Suicune
Taniko the Entei
Jukio the Raikou
Taniko V.S Dakim110 viewsOkay, I admit, this isnt one of my best pictures. Dakim turned out like crap.
I dont thik Flygon turned out good either.
Another Lazy Entei101 views................
Taniko- an Entei and a show-off100 viewsTaniko is a pretty good Entei transpecies... but he is such a show off sometimes.
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