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Latech Warrior of thunder.JPG
Latech warrior of thunder163 viewsHe was born a warrior and he can absorb every bit of electrcity in the world. Meet Latech! - Mew lover
Leviah Goji27 viewsFires Beauty+Pyschics Power+Thunders Love makes PURE REVENGE
Pichu Thunderbolt!480 viewsA picture of a cute Pichu using a thunderbolt attack.
Cygnar Thunderhead60 viewsThis Warjack goes on electricity, not on steam, and is therefor the propably most efective of all Warjacks. This one will really make the skies roar!
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
Rain82 viewsRain ( codename: heart rain ) does not need to transform to use her powers.
Teh Banner (new)74 viewsThis is the banner for my site which i've been making changes to. Not alotta people visit so....SREAD TEH WORD! unless you hate me...XS don't be hatin! D: By the way, the site address is on the first comment. Sign my guest book! ^.^ and help me get more hits....
Team Electrix.JPG
Team Electrix48 viewsThunder wave, Blue typhoon and Ice fist - Mew lover
Thunder Wave.JPG
Thunder wave93 viewsMy new sonic character
UltraBolt24 viewsAll the thunder and lightning in the world strikes down on the opponent, but the user would have to recharge.
(only Boltia,the Lightning God can use this move)
tw 2.JPG
Thunder wave Ep. 2105 views
TW profile.JPG
Thunder wave profile39 viewsprofile
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