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Covenent_Zero's big announcement.88 viewsIt is I Covenent_Zero or my real name Jod Ezericho , Captain of the elite honor guard. Telling you in order to fix the monstrsity comics series called PPN chronicles, I will be making my own PPN Pixel Art series called PPN chronicles: Zero Hour, featuring yours truly most of the members on AVGDID and the idoits Quintanna, Charitardmaster, and Failure29 which will be releaed between the 20th-25th of july. Its Zero hour.....
The challenge: Covenent_Zero vs F29136 viewsAlright, I have decided upon a challenge between my good friend Covenent_Zero and The infamous F29. These sets of challenges will prove to see who the better artist out of both of them is. The challenges are:

Hand Drawing
Objective: You must free draw with your pencil and draw a pic of yourselves (ex. Covenent_Zero would draw a pic of his Covenant self.) You may color it or not.

Pixel Art
Objective: Now you must draw a new pic again but this time. In Paint or any program you choose, it may not be hand drawn. It must be colored.

Sprite Comics:
Objective: Using only paint, you must create a short sprite comic. This is the only challenge where you may use other artists drawings to add to your own comic. As long as you give proper credit to whosoever made it. Also you must be in your own comic.

1. No hentai, yaoi, porn, yuri, vore, DID, or that weight gaining thing.
2. No voting for yourself those who partake in these challenges cannot vote for themselves.
3. Guests must vote on their favorite artist in the comment section, you may only vote once.
4. Votes will tallied up when the both challengers submit pics and other users have voted. The challenger with the most votes at the end of the 3-day voting period wins that challenge.
5. The Winner will be declared after all challenges are complete.
6. Also you may not take or recolor another artists work and claim as your own. If you do, you are disqualified.

If You want to accept please say agree in the comments section.
Freakin' awesome dino-godzilla thing130 viewsThis is the most freakin' awesome Dinosaur thing I ever saw. Just look at it. What a freakin' Bamph. LOLZ!
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