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Pokemon Black and White Trainers and Update146 viewsThey don't look 10 anymore, probably 16 or 18.

The region appears to be called the Isshu Region (イッシュ)

CoroCoro states that the protagonists are older than they have been so far

Zoroark has an ability called Illusion (イリュージョン) which will allow it to transform into various Pokémon. How it differs from the move Transform remains to be seen.
Two new attacks have been announced;

* A move called Trickery (イカサマ) seems to allow the attack to be calculated using the opponent's stats
* Another move called Claw Sharpen (つめとぎ) raises the user's Attack and Accuracy stats

The special event activated by the special Raikou, Entei & Suicune given with the upcoming movie; Phantom Champion Zoroark has been detailed. In this event, when you bring the beasts (it is unclear if it's all three or just one)to the game, a special battle will occur. This battle is against a Level 25 Zoroark which will transform into the various Pokémon. At many points, it will break its transformation to allow you to capture it.

Look at the link below for the battle scenes and game play.
http:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=nFDwx6X44pk
Ambipom Trainer50 viewsAn Ambipom trainer morph.
Deoxquaza rescuing May.JPG
Deoxquaza rescuing May899 viewswhat the title says!
Swablu and Trainer85 viewsSwablu and her Faithful Trainer. They have been together for many years.

Hula Trainer Sprite909 viewsAn edited PokeSprite.
matthew , chris man's rayquaza196 viewsit' my raquaza, matthew, i named 8it matthew because on the game, when i caught it, i was thinking of my best friend matt.
skipper, chris man_s swampert.jpg
skipper,chris man's swampert230 viewshe is my best bud!
vegeto trainer card185 views
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