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Dante's Devil Trigger27 viewsLike I said here's Dante's Devil form pretty awesome right? anyways this is also a refrence. Dante and Pic belong to Capcom... GO CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES!!!!!!!!!
Nero's Devil Trigger33 viewsThis is Nero from Devil May Cry 4, this is his Devil Trigger the Devil Bringer. He summons it from his demonic arm to bring forth its demonic avatar. Awesome pic.............Once again Capcom rules!!!!!
Vergil's Devils Trigger114 viewsThis is vergil's Devil form from Devil may cry 3, he is insanly strong and his is Dante's brother. I uploaded this pic as refrence to Deus's Neodammerus form. I will upload Dante's Devil Trigger form as well.
vergil and picture copyright of Capcom.
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