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Ch. 3 True or False16 views0.o Amber got angry again....but atleast she didn't call someone a cold-hearted b*tch this time^^"
True or False Ch. 48 views"the winds of new beginings" thats newbark town, but i improvised^^'
True or false Ch. 610 viewsAnd this is where the title comes into play...its a bit long though.
True or False Ch. 210 viewsokay sice you ppl won't stop talking to me this is all you get for today..i can't keep up@.@
True or False ch. 524 viewsOkay. Take this poll:
Who will Amber end up with in the fanfiction series?
A. Ital
B. Jordan
C. Kevin
D. She will die
E. No one. She is to sappy
....i'd choose but one way or another someone would be annoyed so i'm leaving it up to you! The one with the most responses wins^^ Please vote!
True or false ch. 78 viewsThe song is "Because you loved me"and that seriously was the song i was listening to when hao and i first rp'd^^'
True or False Ch. 116 viewsThis just has to deal with ash and Misty basically, but it comes into content later on in the story so please read it^^
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