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Broly and Tyrant torcher Rebecca43 viewsBroly:Tyrant what the f is the matter with, I WANT HER FACE IN MY ASS RIGHT NOW!!!

Tyrant:I think I got a feeling were being watched.

Broly:(grunts)Well head over the battle Pike and shoves Lucys face in me ass.
Broly and Super-Tyrant66 viewsBroly: Tyrant, what the hell happened to you?
I will never F*ck girls with you again.

Tyrant: CharizardMaster was mad with me and the monster so he and Quintana turned me to a freak.

Broly:Yeah but your not having anymore p*ssy you little B*tch.

Tyrant:You believe me I will have ALL the P*bic hairs in the world.

Broly:You know I not intrested in you because I now have this urge to f*ck Flannery good.

TYrant:Yeah f*ck that b*tch Ill just shove my hand between her br*ast

Broy:F*ck you.
PPN Chronicles the movie poster28 viewsThis is the poster to what would be my most epic story arc.
Thanks for the laughs91 viewsF29: I remember when Tyrant uploaded pics of girls being eaten by snakes, and I totally pwned him hard. And also when the users laugh at them, people really like it, so I realize being funny makes things not look like crap.
Tyrannt was behind the vore129 viewsIt's Tyrannt who's been doing the vore on the anime people.Hes in Buenos Aires,Argentina
TYRANTS message135 views
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