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Stewie's Chikorita vs. Nozomu_Itoshiki's piece of crap103 viewsStewie: Nozomu said on his first time here, "It's hopless", well heres a reply, ITS NEVER EVER HOPLESS!!!
Godzilla vs. Broly30 viewsGodzilla's gonna kill the geeky DiD lord on PPN.
F29's Caterpie vs. Mr. LOLZ's Steelix159 views
69 views-wdg
Spy vs. Spy.jpg
Spy vs. Spy36 viewsThis comic rules!!!
Pokemon Black and White Zoroark vs. Zorua67 viewsOn a Japanese Imageboard, the first pictures of what could be CoroCoro has come out featuring what are screenshot from the upcoming games; Pokémon Black and White. This picture shows the new battle screen and features a battle between Zorua & Zoroark. We also got the first picture of the overworld. We'll bring more as it comes.The information is as follows.

This is going to be the best generation EVER!
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