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Graypaw from Warriors28 viewsGarypaw is Graystripe. graypaw is his aprentice name. when he becomes a Warrior he gets the warrior name Graystripe. When Fireheart becomes clan leader he elects Graystripe as Deputy, but Graystripe goes missing after all four clans have to desert their forest home and move elsewhere. (Don't worry^^ He comes back in the newest book^^)
Bluestar from Warriors31 viewsShe may be small, but she was Thunder Clan's former leader. She is mother to Mistyfoot even though Leaders are not allowed to have kits. She had to give them away to her mate, Oakheart, and send them to River Clan. Oakheart was from River Clan, but Tigerclaw(a brutal Thunder Clan warrior obssesed with power) killed him. Bluestar died when Tigerstar(Tigerclaw made leader when he switched into ShadowClan) killed her with a pack of wild dogs.
Brambleclaw from Wariors22 viewsBrambleclaw(Bramblepaw) and Squirelpaw (Squirelflight) are born into a great legacy. "Fire and Tiger alone will save the forest" but Brableclaw faces more trouble than he expected. The legacy of his father Tigerstar still hangs over his head and he is torn between right and wrong. Love and Pwer. What will he chose? (I know^^)
Rusty from warriors26 viewsBefore Firepaw became an aprentice he was a kittypet. A kittypet is a cat living with twolegs (humans) His name was Rusty..obviously. He came into the forest one day after a mouse and ran into graypaw. The two started to fight and Bluestar saw the action. She thought Rusty would be a great warrior and excepted him into the clan. Kittypets are not allowed to join forest cats, but Thunder Clan was running low on Warriors so they picked up Rusty.
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