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Seven incredible albino animals in world271 viewsIsn't it amazing how the Creator fashioned His creation.
1. Axolotl
2. Hedgehog
3. Koala
4. Sea turtle
5. Cobra
6. Bat
7. Lobster
Avatar Season 3 premire93 viewsdate: September 21, 2007
Prophecy #237 viewsGodzilla, the kaiju, and all of the armys of man will battle the Quintana Empire to prevent its crappy World Domination and deliver world peace.
Benito Mussolini on the face of "Life" Magazine66 viewsOne of my favorite authority figures (and most feared Fascist dictator known in world history),
UltraBolt24 viewsAll the thunder and lightning in the world strikes down on the opponent, but the user would have to recharge.
(only Boltia,the Lightning God can use this move)
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some 1 new31 views
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