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ShuuXHaruka ~ Japanese Style43 viewsI hate Advanceshipping! Drew and May is SO much better X3

I love Shuuka (Contestshipping) and NOTHING will EVER make me change my mind.

Cute kimonos, aren't they??

Picture posted by Chiru
.........267 viewswhoa...-wdg
!!!WTF!!!!101 viewsUh..yeah...crazy story.....I was lookin' through Phantom Kansaibou pics and saw his faces pic... and well..I had a very devilish...idea..-_- I added Deus and his Neodammerus form in Kans Humaniod Project thingy....I couldn't make them the exact size and well I failed...Please Kan if your reading please don't sue me...I was just having a little fun... Durgghhhh....
PokemonXD character.bmp.png
Pokemon Trainer XD181 viewsok lets try this again. i uploaded it in the wrong area. so i'm trying again, and the head master is helping me, im new to all of this. but this is a trainer of the pokemon xd game
XD001 Aeoga and Nascour129 viewsNascour and Aeoga in his dark Lugia form.
I just wanna swap him across the head, sometimes.
XD146 viewsA Pokemon celebrating the new game, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
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