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62 viewsGoji:When I saw Haku alive.I was touched.Can he help me so we can kill yubaba.So if she's really Abayu-b.The Zeniba is Zeniba. Of course!!!So this batlle is almost over.
Goji versus Kohaku River;end (or not)50 viewsGoji:So I went hyper on Kohaku River, then Pow Bite Slash Kick chomp whip!but I got hurt baddly,but thanks to regenerator G1,I heal.Then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader,So FISTDRA!But I think I murdered Haku.Then someone said hey you,I hope that person not his dad or Yubaba.
Goji close to his death57 viewsGoji:It was the daughter of chancellor Palpatine and she's Angry.I told her I'm sorry,but shocked me with like a 100 volts of lightning.Then I saw Haku alive,hope he helps me.
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