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Pikachu with book438 viewsI done this just for you guys! I know you like Pokémons so I done this for ya! You see? I can do more kind of pics than Pokemon With Guns but the PWG pics are much funier to upload becuase Iäm not a Pokemon Fan really...

This pic took me about 15 minuted to do multiple sketches and the lineart.

And Pikachu sits at grass, It might look like Spikes but i really never tried to do grass, hehe =)

Enjoy this pic!

PS. I won't change my NickName just becuase this pic :)
true love436 views
Charmeleon!434 viewsthis is my second one. u like? -7-Lugia
bloo and berry432 views
fighters429 views
This is Ash's mastercraftmans license424 viewsAsh's Pokémon mastercraftmans license.
Made by Don Camillo.
(Excuse me, if my english isn't perfect...)
Lapras My buddy423 viewsa lapras on the sea
O.H.Claw42422 viewsClaw 42 by Shadow Fox
Yu-gi-oh Zexal Omega!!!!422 viewsPara os amantes de duelo venham!!!!!!!!!
Rare island421 viewsRare island

The Pure of Souls.jpg
The Pure of Souls420 views
It was in my pocket the whole time!!419 viewsthaz mew lover on the left 'case ya didnt know an' my character is on the right.

-manyula ben (mewtwo xc4, 7-lugia)
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