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Sandslash's Hidden Weapons1367 viewsJust about everyone I know think this is my absolute best piece, personally I still think its the sky high dragonite. But I can see why, its brooding, mysterious, and it even has a shadow with eyes. I wouldn't want to run into this guy in a dark ally.
baby girl.jpg
Ash and Misty Ketchum1309 viewsAsh and Misty finally tieing the knot. (Pikachu too!)
Ash and Dawn by Rukia791246 views
Hug1243 viewsMay:I think you need a hug!
Ash:For hopfully the last time I don't need a hu..
Ash (agean):forget it

Love GIR
who?????1209 views
pkm characters.jpg
gender mix1172 viewsa picture of ashley and her friends that i did.. i think you guys can figure out who the rest of them are. --Lee
Misty and Gyrados1166 viewsSora:Wow dat's good!
Riku:Duh, uh . . who drew it?
Ray-Ray:I dunno . . . .
Sora & Riku: U MEAN U TOK IT!!
Ray:*Shruggs*It's good.
page 171129 views
0045 (Medium).jpg
people race cars1094 views
Gallade985 viewsthis is the other drawing for my friend, this is her 2nd favorite pokemon. and well to say this is the first time I drew him, and he turned out dam good!
ashley and friends974 viewsmay, ashley, pikachu, and misty --Lee
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