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Vengence-Goji (TCG)44 views
DaigoXHaruka/StevenXMay43 viewsFrom PPN User: Cheeky

I wouldn't let me into my account because of the stupid ' human confirmation '
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode9142 views
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19142 viewsProfiles of Rayzadon and Rootor
F29's Shinimizer42 viewsF29: I invited CharizardMaster to my basement to witness my newest invention, THE SHINIMIZER!!! It was a sucsess and now he can turn normal color to shiny color at his own will now.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode2941 views
an Epic Darkness41 viewsan Epic Darkness is an event that terrible tragedy's occur. Giratina will rise from the cave from once he was banished to and unleash plagues on mankind. The Bubonic Plague in Europe was one of them and another one was the one in summer of 2007. Epic Darknesses occur in the Winter and Summers of certain years because earth changes distance from the sun, expect spring and autumn because earth is in equal distance. The last Epic Darkness is excepted to be on 12/21/2012 I think.
ShuuXHaruka ~ Japanese Style41 viewsI hate Advanceshipping! Drew and May is SO much better X3

I love Shuuka (Contestshipping) and NOTHING will EVER make me change my mind.

Cute kimonos, aren't they??

Picture posted by Chiru
Flannery40 viewscuter than I thought
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode3640 viewsreuploaded because dark times made it unseeable
Ash and Mays love even glitters!40 views- SatoHaruLover
Ash loves May, and May loves him back! 40 viewsFor F29

- SatoHaruLover
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