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Skarmormin415 viewsThis is a fusion of Skarmory and minun. I dont think i did a bad job but i did do horribly on the face. Sorry.
Charuitisaur415 viewsits a mix of all three origanal starters requested by my little brother.

-mayula (a.k.a. mewtwo xc4/7-lugia)
latios chao414 views
Cool Groudon.PNG
Cool Groudon413 viewsThe Groudon from Jirachi Wishmaker with no tentacles.
Dark Sythsol.JPG
412 viewsSorry Mewtwo XC4, there were no other Mewtwos to to find.
Blazedon412 viewsThis is a cool picture, of Blaziken and Groudon.
Espeon/Girl409 viewsthis is the sprite as requested by espeon girl. if you have a request, jus' ask me.
-mewtwo xc4
Banette409 viewsBanette team icon
Flyizard406 viewsthis one is charizard mixed with flygon. if u have any suggestions, plz tell me.
-mewtwo xc4
Copy of santviper2.JPG
freaky creature405 viewsI know, I know, it's missing one wing but still....do you like it?-rattata
weird pic.....i think......don't you?391 views...........
new sprites389 viewslikem you get to name em i will be on the chatby the way
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