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Dittoeoxys674 viewslook its dittoeoxys the ultra-rare pokemon it can turn into any pokemon at any level you want with the status you want for attack 999 etc
dogish looken pokemon.JPG
my fav dogish looken pokemon658 viewshao girl
Bigger Dark Sythsol.JPG
Bigger Dark Sythsol656 viewsSorry its blurry, thats what happens when I tried to make it bigger
Delimin647 viewsThis is another minun i did, this time a fusion of delibird and minun. Isnt it kyoot? Also, when u make comments, please tell me what other minuns i should make ok? thank u.
sommer!!!647 views
Pikazam638 viewsalakazam mixed with pikachu
Kirby vs celechi.png
Wild Kirby635 viewsThis is on of my favorites. A trainers celechi vs a wild Kirby.
Yoshi vs. Rukario.JPG
Yoshi vs. Rukario635 viewsA game fake
Bluefire Jirachi.JPG
Bluefire Jirachi631 viewsThis is another member of the Jirachi Family. It shoots fire out from its back like a Cyndaquil does when it prepares for battle, or gets angry. The feathery design on its forehead represents it as a male. This Pokemon throws blue firebolts at foes with great power.--Latias Lover!
giga quaza titan.PNG
giga rayquaza, the 1rst titan.623 viewsthis guy was FREAK accident from a d.n.a. lab that was testing on rayquaza!!!
the kiss618 views
Wailix616 viewsThis is a wailorg fused with a steeliix!
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