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Dragon Master.JPG
Dragon Master498 viewsThe dragons figured out their true power.
altios mini.PNG
altias mini483 views...latias + altaria(??)
happy frikin halloween you idiots.PNG
HAPPY FRIKIN HALLOWEEN!!482 viewsthis.....is the best sprite pic I ever made.....the girl with the blue skirt is me and the kid dressed as a pikachu is my cousin, the latigirl beside me is werty, the girl with the mew tail is my other cousin, and the skamory in the flame sute is a sprite I made before this one, it was upside down making it look like it was dieing, witch was kinda funny, but enywho, HAPPY FRIKIN HALLOWEEN!
Slowpoke473 viewsSlowpoke team icon.
plasma mewtwo.jpg
Plasma Mewtwo472 viewsA Mewtwo with plasma colors (tye-dye). A part of my collection of plasmas. The colors should move but I didn't have an animation program to do so.
lol....blastmew472 views....
Baygia470 viewsBaygia is a strong fighter. It swings its flames on its head to scare off predators. If that doesn't work, Baygia will swing its bushy white tail hard against the predator. Baygia will keep doing that until the predator goes away.
cat thing taem agua captain rank.PNG
me469 viewsme in my agua uniform with my pokemon........kyogre....I miss kyogre....
Rock Zilla.JPG
Rock Zilla467 viewsThe ultimate rock pokemon. It is a mixture of all the full evolved form rock pokemon.
loving you464 views
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