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Celebi461 viewsCelebi team icon
Dark Lugia~2.PNG
Dark Lugia461 viewsThe Dark Lugia.
Emperor Jirachi457 viewsThis is the ruler and creator of all Jirachis. It uses its faerie-like wings to fly and glide, while the beautiful fire decorating its head zaps foes with strong bolts of fire.
eletric yellow version457 views
ralts Picthas.png
Ralts Sprites456 viewsSome Sprites I made-Noticer
Torchic453 viewsTorchic team icon.
Sudowoodo Minun452 viewsA fusion of Sudowoodo and minun! Made by Aipon369 the same person who made the squirtle minun....aww isnt it kyoot?
new pokemon.JPG
450 viewsCool!

Personally i love them.
Squirtle Minun447 viewsIts a kyoot lil min squirtle! Lol! Its pretty good i think.
Torkoal442 viewsTorkoal team icon.
Jirminun441 viewsA fusion of jirachi and minun as requested by pichu.
Dragonair or something438 viewsa girl/dragonair... from my sketch book--Lee
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