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Ash holding Misty1168 viewsI like this couple! I hate these pairings:Ash+Gary. Ash+Brock. Ash+James and most of all Ash+May. I of cuorse hate Yaoih, and any gay junk. I also hate Misty+Brock. Misty+Gary and so on. I also hate Sora+Riku pairings too. That is sick! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
fROM OF COURSE -Secret Anon
May and Brendan in Background1153 viewsThis pic isn't coupling dis time. I put it up cause Brendan looked stupid. -Ray-Ray
Secret Anon's fav1149 viewsIt's so adorable. I want to show u all. Can u beliee someone drew this?! Secret Anon.
A love letter?1094 viewsI didn't draw this someone else did. I'm jus helping her out by showing the world cause i think it's good. From Ray-Ray
Valentines day1058 viewsI asked so don't jump on me! Okay now, i know some of ya like Ash and May pairing and i still wonder why but i also said i don't care about Poke mon Pairings anymore so i'm putting this up cuzz it's cool1 And cute so . . i ya like. Even if V day has passed. Ray-Ray
mnd_suit .jpg
Hot tub may1045 viewswho da man?

by quickdude
Misty Hugs Goodbye to Togepi who envolved into Togetic1034 viewsThat was a sad ending!!!wAHHHHH!Because Togetic left and Misty left to go back to Kanto.Wahh!!
-Secret Anon
Battle Busters1024 viewsI agree with u Ray-Ray. The girl's name should be Kiko and The boy should be Kamon and the look like Gary should be Toru. U may not know me Ray-Ray but i'm Secret Anon.BOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Kiss1018 viewsash + misty kiss
May cries as Ash looks1011 viewsFrom the Donphan Episode
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