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Happy Birthday F29107 viewsF29: I was born on March the 25th of 1994, meaning that I am now 14 year old. Also it was Greece's Independence since since I'm 50% Greek from my mothers side. Damon Gant is now a pure soul and got me a birth cake, what a guy.
Im ending it105 viewsF29: OK, Im moving on, so Im goona end Lord of the Prophecies. The rest of the cast are: LukeAtmey (Gollum), Steven (Faramir), Flint (Eomer), Flannery (Eowyn) /she falls for CharizardMaster not Steven/, DamonGant (Denethor), Merinthos (Witch King of Angmar), Mura (Theoden), Shadowfax a pick-up truck, Sudowoodo (Ents), Greed (Grima Worm Tounge), Glenn Close (Shelob), *Fire_Bush* (Sharko), Hiwutsup (Gothmog), Lati-Dog (Wargs), Demons from Phantom_Kansaibou's pics, (Army of the dead). From the lowest duegeon to the highest peak, Goji told the Wretched Brown Recluse that Whonew was the real Homo of Middle Earth, so the WBR left to find him. Also when Whitney, Misty are captured, Flairee was caught, not Flannery, Flairee had a heat badge. Broly then was restored to physical form. At the battle for Middle Earth, Kan fought Broly /I did this because Peter Jackson first wanted Sauron to face Aragon/. When Luke tried to get the prophecy from Boltia in mount Doom, he kicked boltia where Drew kicked him, so Boltia pushed Luke in the lava. And so... Kan and Lisa became the King and Queen of Gondor... Then Flint was king of Rohan and paid CharizardMaster to be Flannery's body guard... And Whonew was crush by the Wrecthed Brown Recluse... But only after Shin-Goji sent 10,000 spartans to invade the company that makes Pokemon Special Manga.
Adventures of the lake fairys commercial 2103 viewsI got the idea after seeing that black + white pic.
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver wallpaper102 views
Cute Icon - Ash and May100 viewsFor F29!

- SatoHaruLover
PPNsteve vs LukeAtmey99 viewsF*K LukeAtmey
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Lando's kick90 views- stewie
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