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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode4496 viewsNot only Shaymin was delivered a porphecy of a Damsle in Distress, choosen legendary pokemon were delivered predictions, through the 4 nations to outerspace. Meanwhile the bootlegger also has a prophecy to stop.44444
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Zoroark ( ゾロアーク )117 viewsHere's Zoruas evolved form, looks really awesome BTW.
Type: Dark
Classification: Monster Fox Pokémon
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 81.1kg
Based upon its classification, ばけぎつねポケモン, we are able to determine that it is the Phantom Champion as ばける means "to take the shape of" or "disguise oneself".
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Adventures of the lake fairys episode16879 viewsPPN vs AnimeExpansions 344444
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Adventures of the lake fairys episode15586 viewsthe final battle begins...44444
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Adventures of the lake fairys episode15396 viewsHo-oh46 goes back to the pit.44444
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6878 viewsArceus knew this will be the day when DiD falls so he sents a messenger Pelipper to tell every legendary(except Giratina because hes banished) to prepare for war, even the 5 elementals Boltia, Acroqua, Vonlix, Ravmosphere, and Herbipede. Meanwhile ther Bootlegger meets a wizard who tells him about the power of Leviah and its key to be unlock.44444
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode03127 views44444
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126 views-wdg44444
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode05134 views44444
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