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Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode1895 viewsI swore VENGENCE!55555
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Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode1590 viewsThe legendary Pokemon were guarding their leaders. While I was defending Flannery.55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode86122 viewsAt last the DiD idiots were dead! Shin used his beam to escape the rubble and through the gigantic hole. (goofeys YAHOO!). He proudly announced that Broly was dead and everybody cheered. Now they have to free the victims.55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode80102 viewsShin was going to make Broly pay for his torcherous crimes with the Vengence State. Broly was going to use his Gothic Powers given by Giratina during the Epic Darkness. The Final battle has begin, Who will win?55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode79104 viewsThe Pokemon, kaiju and the quintanas have the DiD idiots on the ropes now. Meanwhile Broly hides in a huge chamber under Hob. Then the Bootlegger comes in, he is known as our old friend Shin Goji55555
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode77100 viewsEmperor Quintana's army head towards the battle field to join the Pokemon and kaiju on this glorius day. The Bootlegger went down the passageway to find Broly while his trio search for DiDs. Boltia spotted Flint fighting Ho-oh4655555
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode76109 viewsBoltia vs Merinthos

Duel of the fates (2:45-3:05 after the Bootlegger says "Hit it John Williams")
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode7088 viewsSunset has arrived, Broly has prepare for surprise attack. Meanwhile FLint asks Wattson and Normal if they saw his sister. Meanwhile Flannery and the Bootlegger give one last hug before fighting the DiD idiots55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode69101 viewsHo-oh46 told Broly that the Pkmn army is coming but he doesnt know the kaiju are coming. Meanwhile the Pokemon were coming to fight for freedom.55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode68.98 viewsEmperor Quintanas army are moving towards Hob while the Bootleggers army does. Arceus told the champions of the 4 nations prepare their leagues while CharizardMaster recruits the great PPN users before him.55555
(4 votes)
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode6293 viewsFlannery and CharizardMaster were confused why Quintana would stay behind. Well they made it to the Bootleggers island, there was the bootleggers girlfirend Murugu who dye her feathers red. CharizardMaster was still cold and the Bootlegger told them to make them selves home.55555
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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode60145 viewsCharizardMaster realized that Ho-oh46 was a traitor, he idiotically told him to shut up. Flannery remembered what Eva did to her. Eva wanted something to light her cigarette and Flannery pinched the nerves in CharizrdMasters neck to make a BlastBurn. Eva was BBQed and Emperor Quintana saw Flannery full ambition.55555
(4 votes)
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