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2 Plusles All in one piccy!767 viewsThere are two PLusle fusions in this picture, castform and bellossom! by AIPOM36933333
(26 votes)
Joltchu157 viewsa Jolteon & Pikachu in 1.33333
(13 votes)
2 Plusles All in one piccy!966 views33333
(37 votes)
Amphanine523 views33333
(18 votes)
Marriage1199 viewsooh dont look there about to kiss33333
(28 votes)
231 viewsGrooger33333
(7 votes)
Golerupt178 viewsPokedex Data:The first of these species was born when a camerupt and golem were fighting and fell into toxic waste.33333
(6 votes)
Hypno Lab Accident.JPG
Hypno Lab Accident154 viewsPokedex Data:A mysterious lab caught on fire due to chemicals. The scientists inside escaped, but forgot about Ho-oh and a Hypno inside. It resulted in a Ghost Fusion.33333
(17 votes)
Rainbow Mew239 viewsThe best I could do, really!--Latias Lover!33333
(17 votes)
Bigger Dark Sythsol.JPG
Bigger Dark Sythsol660 viewsSorry its blurry, thats what happens when I tried to make it bigger33333
(22 votes)
pokecharacter remix.jpg
character remix429 viewsfirst guy that i draw... hmm.. not that good...
(20 votes)
clefagar mini.PNG
clefagar mini256 viewsgengar + clefable33333
(15 votes)
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