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celagon298 viewsthis isone of my pictures that didnt take to long to make and have many more so I hope you like it!
(5 votes)
groudon from jarachi movie.JPG
Groudon from jirachi movie194 viewsby chris man33333
(5 votes)
Green Latios Chao.JPG
Green Latios Chao178 viewsWhoever made the chaos, I didn't mean to copy, I just liked the idea.33333
(5 votes)
Coldgem Jirachi.JPG
Coldgem Jirachi312 viewsAnother Member of the Jirachi Family. It fires ice-cold blasts of water onto the foe, freezing it. It has a beautiful gem in its forehead. A long blue tail extended from it gracefully.33333
(5 votes)
XD141 viewsA Pokemon celebrating the new game, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.33333
(10 votes)
Jirminun441 viewsA fusion of jirachi and minun as requested by pichu.
(28 votes)
flygon+masquerain+milotic223 viewsjust a picture I did while I was bored. I think it's pretty cute. hope you all like it!!!^_^skitty533333
(18 votes)
Dragontwo238 viewsMewtwo fused with a Dragonite33333
(21 votes)
Giga-quaza v.s. Mexamass.PNG
Giga quaza v.s. Mexamass722 viewsTHE ULTIMATE BATTLE OF TRUTH 33333
(21 votes)
Sudowoodo Minun452 viewsA fusion of Sudowoodo and minun! Made by Aipon369 the same person who made the squirtle minun....aww isnt it kyoot?33333
(24 votes)
rayachu620 viewsrayquaza mutated with pikachu33333
(30 votes)
Flyizard406 viewsthis one is charizard mixed with flygon. if u have any suggestions, plz tell me.
-mewtwo xc4
(22 votes)
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