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Firegem Jirachi.JPG
Firegem Jirachi224 viewsThis is another member of the Jirachi family. It is similiar to the Coldgem Jirachi, but it uses red fire on it instead. The gem on its forehead can predict when volcanoes erupt.33333
(15 votes)
Suimew221 viewsI did this a long time ago... ~ Latias Lover!33333
(8 votes)
Shiny Ho-Oh!.PNG
Wingblade173 viewsThis is my trusty pal, Wingblade! With one fiery swing of his tail, it can knock you out!33333
(8 votes)
metagon135 viewsby chris man33333
(4 votes)
Dark Lugia~0.PNG
Dark Lugia289 viewsDark Lugia team icon.33333
(4 votes)
Colour change Ledian.jpg
Ledian Recoloration215 views33333
(4 votes)
Deochi232 viewsHeres a bigger pic of Deochi33333
(13 votes)
new sprites389 viewslikem you get to name em i will be on the chatby the way33333
(20 votes)
LUGIZARD!....268 views.....33333
(20 votes)
new sprites327 views agian you can name them33333
(15 votes)
Charbusklava335 viewsWhat do you think?33333
(15 votes)
Hissik285 viewsa sprite for me!33333
(5 votes)
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