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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode100

The sprite comic series was voicly of the Powerpuff Girls. I first saw Spirited Away on CN and figured that Disney voiced it. I wanted GEORGE LUCAS to revoice it, that what I made Gojis Sh*tty apperance, it was an accident and I Apologize. So PPNSteve please Remove it so I wont have to remember that mistake. During Tyrants first attack, there was a forbidden sign which lasted for soo long. So I arranged my ideas to included Boltias first apperance. My sister always thought that anime boys were sexy so I put Ryoma in the series for her. My first idea for PPNs Final Conflict was that Broly would return and command ShadowX991 and D-Mizton to kidnap Flannery. They do and Boltia was a witness during the time so he got Shins help rescuing her. After then Shin fowwed revenge on DID for bring her into that crap. I changed it because Emperor Quintana and CharizardMaster were adoring her and I didnt want to make them feel depressed seeing that happen so I made the event a Prophecy. The prophecies was based off the ones in the Harry Potter series. Spirited Away 2 Godzilla Revenge was the one Shin made and the lake fairys got from Richard in San Diego, that was the new idea to replace that crappy one. Giratina was bannished by Arceus because he tried to kill the fairys and steal the red chain that controls his brother and sister. The reason why I thought Flint and Flannery were related because I saw it on a fan site somewhere(saying that Bugsy was related to Aaron and that Bertha and Agatha were related). And I do say sorry for uploading PokeFamily Guy (ANOTHER MSTAKE), so please get rid of it PPNSteve. Why I uploaded Regi Trio episodes 115-123 is because I thought I could end the series and start my own(Adventures of the lake Fairys). My name is George Basore and thanx for loving the series for 100 EPISODES!

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Album name:Pocket Monsters Other Pictures
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Keywords:Lake / Fairys / Mesprit / Azelf / Uxie
Why I made This Pic:I like you CharizardMaster and EmperorQuintana, were both awsome and Flannery loven like I am(EXCEPT FOR LATIDOG IN WHICH ILL KILL HER!)
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Date added:Dec 20, 2007
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Charizard Master   [Dec 20, 2007 at 08:55 PM]
Maybe...I should tell Flannery...that I like her! Er...I mean that I really like her! Embarrassed I want to ask her...so badly!
Emperor_Quintana   [Dec 20, 2007 at 10:23 PM]
Sad *sigh* I don't know... if I don't tell Flannery how *I* feel about her (even though I am less likely to get in her way), then I'm going to have to end up finding some other cute chick who is as megalomaniacal and ambitious as I am. And who knows how long that might take?


Up next: an epic sequel for the 80's movie "Wall Street", stay tuned for "Wall Street 2: Enter the Incorruptible Quintana", a fictional, motion-picture adventure based on power, law, order, and best of all, MONEY! Starring Emperor_Quintana as himself, as he makes his way to the top of the corporate ladder in order for him to become what he has always wanted to be: the King of Wall Street!

Coming Soon to PPN! Wink
Charizard Master   [Dec 21, 2007 at 01:37 AM]
I am sure, Emperor! Very Happy She is at the Bahamas fer our vacation! I must go back! *flies off to the Bahamas*
hiwutsup   [Jan 08, 2008 at 02:32 AM]
"Maybe we should tell a girl who DOESN'T REALLY EXIST that we like her!" ...Oh dear sweet Jesus, I'm laughing so hard right now.
hiwutsup   [Jan 11, 2008 at 08:43 AM]
Ken, I REALLY want to see what you said in the uncensored version. XD
Emperor_Quintana   [Jan 11, 2008 at 11:15 PM]
Shocked WARNING! That is a violation of the Quintana Censorship Regulations!! Mad
Charizard Master   [Jan 12, 2008 at 02:58 AM]
Laughing Oh yeah!
hiwutsup   [Jan 12, 2008 at 07:14 PM]
I'm STILL laughing my ass off at Ken comment. He's right, you know. You guys are PATHETIC. LERN2/WRISTMOAR
Charizard Master   [Jan 12, 2008 at 09:24 PM]
Dulce est desipere in loco! Laughing
Kenshiro   [Jan 23, 2008 at 12:32 AM]
Speak English, you (...). I have to know what the hell you're saying in order to properly berate your sorry ass.
Charizard Master   [Jan 23, 2008 at 03:46 AM]
In English? Ok! From the Latin: It is pleasent to act foolishly in the right place! *walks away and laughs* Hurrah!

Comment 1 to 11 of 11
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