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Pokemon With Guns

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Here i put all mu P.w.G pictures and a few more! Visit my P.w.G website
www.freewebs.com/pokemonwithguns join as artist!!

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Pika_Book_Color455 viewsOooh damn I found the most crapiest Color-Pens, I sure buy some new meterial for me artwork.
But I tried :)
Enjoy my no-Pokemon with Guns pic!
Nov 08, 2004
Pikachu With Book435 viewsI done this just for you guys! I know you like Pokémons so I done this for ya! You see? I can do more kind of pics than Pokemon With Guns but the PWG pics are much funier to upload becuase Iäm not a Pokemon Fan really...

This pic took me about 15 minuted to do multiple sketches and the lineart.

And Pikachu sits at grass, It might look like Spikes but i really never tried to do grass, hehe =)

Enjoy this pic!

PS. I won't change my NickName just becuase this pic :)
Nov 07, 2004
Pika with MP40 ¤ 2381 viewsI like this pic becouase its a remake of my first Pokemon With Guns pic ever made!!!
Oct 29, 2004
A cute pikachu face410 viewsOK boys and girls! I will now try to make pics of pikachu when it's not dead our are carrying a weapon. This pic was a test and it grew out to be pretty good for the FIRST time i ever tried ;)
I will do a complete pic some day!
Oct 27, 2004
PikaMarine fires a Pistol384 viewsA test pic. Not good not fun, just shit
Oct 27, 2004
Pikachu on Clouds345 viewsOK Pichu wanted a pic that not contained war with pikachu so I drew this one, pretty crappy but I done this just as practice to draw some "cute" pikachusOct 18, 2004
Female Medic363 viewsI was trying to make a female characther, Not Pokemon!Oct 18, 2004
Pikachu Patriot311 viewsI just had an Idea about this pic, It was getting pretty good... I think.

I will upload it at
www.freewebs.com/pokemonwithguns in a few days
Oct 18, 2004