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Did you have an accident, does it hurt you somewhere, do you not feel fine or were you kidnapped and must be saved? - Dr. Mario helps you.

(Ich spreche auch Deutsch)
Hattest du einen Unfall, tut's irgendwo weh, ist dir schlecht und du fühlst dich nicht gut oder wurdest du entführt und willst gerettet werden? - Dr. Mario machts!

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Dr. Mario meets the "solar eclipse" Virus38 viewsEverywhere is the CoViD-19 Virus called "corona"... A corona you see on a full solar eclipse, so I gonna call it the "solar eclipse virus" and the "solar eclipse desease".
In medical language the virus should be called: "obscuratus solis virum" and the infectious desease "obscuratus solis morbus".

Mar 28, 2020
Dr. Mario presents52 viewsUsui Kenta of the
Chibi Vampire Manga
in "Don Camillo - Outfit"
Jul 08, 2010
Dr. Mario presents103 viewsKarin Maaka of Chibi Vampire
make a blood donation at
Dr. Mario's medical practise.

Karin Maaka spendet
Blut bei Dr. Mario.
Sep 28, 2009
Dr. Mario presents71 viewsThis happens, if Team Rocket
wants to have a Pokémon-
fight with Bud Spencer.

Das kommt dabei heraus,
wenn Team Rocket und
Bud Spencer zusammen treffen.
Jul 12, 2009
Dr. Mario presents65 viewsIt's a Yu-gi-Oh - Card of the colleague Dr. Ash Ketchum.
He is Doctor for Pokémon- and Humanmedicine.
Jul 07, 2009
Dr. Mario presents87 viewsPriest Ash and measuring servant Misty.

Pfarrer Ash und Messdienerin Misty.
Dec 26, 2008
Dr. Mario presents71 viewsWhite jacket for
Charizard Master
Oct 09, 2008
Dr. Mario presents92 viewsA package for Charizard MasterOct 05, 2008