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Lost Glory-PPN Gallery288 viewsOkay, let's face it, this site is fastly losing it's visiting numbers in vast quantities. Think of the old days, Chris Man, Kansaibou, Cat Thing, MM72, Deoxys Darren, Steve (Sometimes), Espeon&Umbreon, and countless others coming on every day after school not just as Pokemon fans, but as a place to relax. Sure I know I was young and immature back then, but can't we put whats in the past...you know; in the past? Instead of fighting amongst the small number we do hve, how about doing whats right, save PPN!!!Feb 24, 2009
Patchief65 viewsPatchief-The Earthblade Pokemon.
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/---
PATCHIEFs will group together and form a giant bush disguise to get through enemy territory.
It is very adaptive, and can even live in the snowy mountains.
Feb 24, 2009
Numongi70 viewsNumongi-The Fungi Lizard Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/Dragon
NUMONGI are seen migrating in the winter to tropical southern areas, where the weather is warmer.
It is said to bring good luck to it's trainers.
Feb 24, 2009
Duatoth75 viewsDuatoth- Dragon Sloth Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/Dragon
Duatoth can summon powerful energy from the earth to attack. It is very popular among grass-type trainers.
Feb 24, 2009
Chris Anime Style70 viewsIt's Chris....but...ummm...in anime. :PFeb 24, 2009
Dorsin Sprite77 viewsDorsin-The Dolphin Pokemon

Narshark's evolution
Jul 23, 2008
Finrip Sprite63 viewsFinrip-The Orca Pokemon

Narshark's final evolved form

Water/Psychic type.
Jul 23, 2008
Skerry Sprite66 viewsSkerry-The Bushel Pokemon

Skerry is a Poison/Normal type.
Jul 23, 2008