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PPN Chronicles


when 1 episode ends, theres an easter egg to the movie.

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PPNs Final Conflict


One of F29's most sucessful stories

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Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict


Shin-Gojis side of one of the best internet wars in history!

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Reign of AnimeExpansions


The latest of F29's past!

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Adventures of the lake Fairys


The series that was adapted from SecretMews comic series

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My Farewell to all139 viewsOh bugger, how do I put this... I'm leaving PPN, sounds pretty brief so I should go into detail. At the rate of PPN Chronicles 2008: The Movie, it may take a long time to finish but Mr. Lolz does die, *MAJOR SPOILER* . So instead I'll finish up the past PPN Chronicles Story arcs from 2005 to the present. CharizardMaster, you'll get your human forme, proofing you are not Beastility *ANOTHER MAJOR SPOILER*. and Shin-Goji beomes the new webmaster after PPNSteve *ANOTHER MAJOR SPOILER >:0*.As for Deux, he said he had a way of returning PPN to it's former glory, well my friend you sucseeded. So PPN has won, and I'll being gone like what'll happen in the movie *ANOTHER FREAKEN MAJOR SPOILER >:O*. But ONE day, I will return with a new quicker method. The PPN Chronicles Wiki is being finish with current info so I'll notify you when finished. But you see me on Youtube and DeviantArt. So bye..May 31, 2009
PPN Chronicles the Movie episode 56102 viewsMay 15, 2009
What happened after PPN's Final Conflict episode 183 viewsI've always wanted to remake the Ha ha pic :http://gallery.ppnstudio.com/displayimage.php?pos=-25107. Am I starting a new story arc from the PPN Chronicles of 2007 in a new method?May 02, 2009
OMFG103 viewsLoLApr 25, 2009
PPN Chronicles the Movie episode 55104 viewsApr 20, 2009
Dawn with a knife159 viewsShe's gonna cut somebodyApr 04, 2009
PPN Chronicles the Movie episode 54129 viewsMar 21, 2009
PPN Chronicles the Movie episode 53113 viewsMar 07, 2009