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Deus human sprite140 viewsI edited Kans human sprite for Deus, for PPN chronicles since he won't be coming here anymore...I'm gonna miss him. T-TJul 24, 2008
PixelWizz's plan PPN wiki129 viewsI had a good idea to make a wiki of all the adevntures in PPN and all it's characters, and I thought we could get the artist from pokesho to draw all the characters for the wiki, but unfornatly I don't have enough time to do this so would you F29 or CharizardMaster do it for me.
Jul 16, 2008
My party guest238 viewsBerial: Thanks for inviting me to this party little guy.
PixelWizz: You welcome big guy.
Berial: So where is place anyway
PixelWizz: At CharizardMasters castle.
Berial: Oh okay. Will there be lots girls
PixelWizz: Of course.
Berial: AWESOME!!!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBegSaGPGnk
Jul 01, 2008
Goliath sprites112 viewsThis My Golaith form, He is 7 feet tall and super strong with super sharp claws that slice through almost anytjing and can jump 100 feet in the air and has a hide as thick as steel you DID trolls don't wanna mess with him. Jun 28, 2008
PixelWizz Goliath form101 viewsSo since I may be fighting in PPN chronicles and PPN tales I made me a battle form. I'll make a sprite sheet later and add all his powers to. but I am really powerful in this from though.Jun 25, 2008
Leviathan Godzilla sprites136 viewsI didn't make these but I don't know who did. anyways I only have time to make one upload.Jun 14, 2008
Darkrai sprites135 viewsDarkrai sprites made by Mel ^^Jun 12, 2008
Brendan sprites 201 viewsBrendan sprites made by JoshR_691 ^^Jun 12, 2008